RS Conductor ESD - RS

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  • nylon fiber and carbon fiber

    strengthening of the glove

  • the glove is dustless

    each pair of gloves is packed in a separate sealed small bag

  • WaterPU technology

    created without the use of silicones

  • gripping part of the glove is coated with polyurethane

    the glove provides a secure grip

  • gloves’ sizing

    allows you to choose the right size for your hand so as to ensure working in comfort

  • the elastication at the glove end

    keeps the glove in a proper position on the wrist

RS Conductor ESD

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We supply protective gloves for the largest production companies in Europe. Our products meet norms concerning the chemical resistance, the thermal resistance and the electrostatic resistance in order to protect palms of employees hired in varied sectors of the industry. Browse our catalog and join the biggest companies.