RS Fahrer Winter - RS

EN 420:2003+A1:2009 Artboard Copy 4
EN 388:2016 Artboard Copy 3 2122X
EN 511:2006 Artboard Copy 9 120
bundle Artboard 12
carton Artboard Copy 7 72
palette Artboard Copy 2 2160
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  • full leather glove

    only natural grain cow leather

  • insulated glove

    work comfort in a low temperature environment

  • all made of one piece of leather

    forefinger (the most stressed place) covered with leather

  • finished with a leather cuff

    additionally protects the forearm

RS Fahrer Winter

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We supply protective gloves for the largest production companies in Europe. Our products meet norms concerning the chemical resistance, the thermal resistance and the electrostatic resistance in order to protect palms of employees hired in varied sectors of the industry. Browse our catalog and join the biggest companies.