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In this way, a range of gloves made with care was selected, bearing in mind also the stability and unchangeable quality of the offered products. 25 years ago RS gloves, as a synonym of class products, reached the French, Russian and Polish markets.


Today, in the 21st century, we have not changed our basic assumptions. Gloves are still to be reliable. While others lower the quality of products, we focus on unchanging first class our gloves, reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Establishing of the RS brand in Kaltenkirchen in Germany

    In a small locality near Hamburg, in the Schleswig-Holstein region, a new brand of protective gloves RS Arbeitsschutz, was established. The products line was adjusted to needs of those days German market, which was growing dynamically and needed high quality protective gloves.

  • The Stier glove, which is basic and the most recognized product of the RS brand, was entered into the market

    Stier protective glove is a synonym of a class and a reliable product on the protective accessories market. Sold extensively on the German market, strong and durable, made from the pig grain leather due to which it does not stiffen when wet. It can be used in humid environments. Entering the Stier glove into the market enhanced position of the RS Arbeitsschutz brand at its genuine market and it enabled the company to compete on the foreign markets.

  • Entering the RS brand into the Polish market

    RS gloves are available on the Polish market. Exclusive distributor of the brand in Poland is Tegro Polska Dystrybucja. Since that time the RS products have been recognized by the largest production companies. They appreciate their stable quality and class of the products.

  • 50 products in the catalog

    Successive implementation of subsequent products into the RS Arbeitsschutz’s catalog of products results in establishing of a group of products adjusted to varied environments. The catalog includes leather, textile and synthetic products. RS brand offers proven solutions. However, in the framework of its growth it has been looking for new available technologies and systems enabling us to produce modern and more ergonomic gloves.

  • 45th birthday and rebranding

    On the occasion of the 45th birthday we refresh our image and we give you our new logotype. It is characterized by a modern design, nevertheless, by its shape and colors it refers to the previous one. We hope that due to this change our gloves will be more functional and more visually attractive for users


  • 50 years of the brand and presence on other European markets

    We vouch for durability for 50 years

    In 2023, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the RS brand. We are glad that our gloves are available on other European markets.

    Thank you for your trust over all these years!

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We supply protective gloves for the largest production companies in Europe. Our products meet norms concerning the chemical resistance, the thermal resistance and the electrostatic resistance in order to protect palms of employees hired in varied sectors of the industry. Browse our catalog and join the biggest companies.