Company’s jubilee - RS

Nobody can count how many accidents and injuries have been avoided due to our products. However, we know that we have been growing all the time. We have applied new technologies and materials. We are proud of the fact we keep the main assumption which is durability of the RS gloves.


On the occasion of the 45th birthday we refresh our image and we give you our new logotype. It is characterized by a modern design, nevertheless, by its shape and colors it refers to the previous one. We hope that due to this change our gloves will be more functional and more visually attractive for users. 


Thank you for your trust to the RS brand all these years and we encourage you to familiarize with its new image.

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We supply protective gloves for the largest production companies in Europe. Our products meet norms concerning the chemical resistance, the thermal resistance and the electrostatic resistance in order to protect palms of employees hired in varied sectors of the industry. Browse our catalog and join the biggest companies.